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White Wines

Red Wines

Fruit Wines

Wild Pickins Taylor Made Niagara

(Sweet) Glass $6 Bottle $18


(Dry) Glass $6 Bottle $21

Pinot Grigio

(Dry) Glass $6 Bottle $20


(Semi Sweet) Glass $6 Bottle $19


(Semi-Sweet) Glass $6 Bottle $19

White Zinfandel

(Sweet) Glass $6 Bottle $19

Wild Pickins Legacy Norton

(Dry) Glass $6 Bottle $21

Wild Pickins Thunder & Lightning Chambourcin

(Semi-Sweet) Glass $6 Bottle $20

Cabernet Sauvignon

(Dry) Glass $6 Bottle $19 

Montelle Red

(Semi-Dry) Glass $6 Bottle $18

Schlink Haus

(Sweet) Glass $6 Bottle $20



Wild Pickins Bobbin' Apple

(Dry) Glass $6 Bottle $18

Wild Pickins Zippidy Blue

(Sweet Blueberry) Glass $6 Bottle $18

Montelle Peachy

(Semi-Sweet) Glass $6 Bottle $18

Montelle Red Raspberry

(Semi-Sweet) Glass $6 Bottle $18

Wild Pickins Perfect Pear

(Sweet Pear) Glass $6 Bottle $18

Wild Pickins Berry Divine

(Sweet Blackberry) Glass $6 Bottle $18

Wild Pickins Signature Wine-A-Ritas 

Peach, Blueberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Mango, Pina-Colada, Senorita, and Wine Glace $6

Wild Pickins Sangria

A sweet Sangria made with wine and fruit juices $6

Wild Pickins Signature Bananarama

A delicious frozen drink made with fresh Bananas, Irish Creme, and your choice of Chocolate, Caramel, or Plain. $7

Wild Pickins Signature Bloody Mary

A delicious Bloody Mary made with Wild Pickins Bloody Mary mix and Vodka- Served with green olives and spice. $4

Wine Me Up And Watch Me Go!