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Live Trivia By Challenge Entertainment

Thursday, November 2 2023 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
14223 Route 111, Chesterfield IL 62630
Live Trivia game consists of 6 rounds with 3 questions each, with one halftime question and one final question where you can wager between 0 and 20 points to boost your final score. But beware — if you miss the final question, you lose all the points you have wagered!
Every Thursday trivia night starts with a trained host, known as the Trivia Jockey, explaining the rules of the road and then kicking off the competition with a first round of questions.
The Trivia Jockey will announce the questions for each round and players have the opportunity to discuss their answers with their team while music plays. But don’t take too long, after each question, you have one song to decide on an answer.
Before the song is over, the team commits their final answer to paper and turns it over to the Trivia Jockey to score and tally points.
How you come up with your answers is up to you. Discuss, trade ideas, argue if you need to - just no looking up our bar trivia questions on your phones!
Challenge Entertainment has brought LIVE TRIVIA to over 100 cities across the United States!
For more information:
Todd McGill